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Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national Holidays in the United States and is most closely connected with the earliest history of the country.


Review the history of Amerrican, we can find that Thanksgiving Day and the United States, are inseparable from an important historical significance of the ship - May Flower.

“五月花(May Flower)”号是英国3桅盖轮船

长约28米, 宽7.95米, 吃水3.35米


五月花号(May Flower)并非从英国移民驶往北美的第一艘船只,但却是英国移民驶往北美的一艘最为著名的船只。以载运第一批分离派清教徒移民驶往北美普利茅斯殖民地和在该船上签署了美国历史上第一份重要的政治文献——《五月花号公约》而闻名。

The May Flower was not the first ship sail to North America, but it was one of the most famous. Famous for carrying the first separatists to the Plymouth colony of North America and signing the first important political document in American history, the mayflower compact.


On September 6, 1620, the Mayflower set out from Southampton, England, with a crew of 102 people,including men, women and children to new land. Among then,35 were puritans and 67 were "strangers" (non-puritans). Unlike the Portuguese and Spanish buccaneers who had already crossed South America, the pilgrims had neither gold nor were they there to make a fortune. They are willing to take risks, hoping to get rid of oppression and pursue a free and equal life.


During the dangerous and difficult 66-day journey across the turbulent Atlantic ocean, people struggled daily with their deepest fears, illnesses and physical ailments. The fear of the trip and the hope of the new land are intertwined in the hearts of everyone. Miraculously, only one person died on the trip, but another baby was born, so by the time they reached Cape Cod in North America, there were still 102 people on board.


The voyage had been a commercial one, but due to the bad weather and the deviation of the course, they had arrived not in Virginia, which was administered by the English authorities, but in a strange and desolate place, with no politics or laws, no country. To make matters worse, winter was coming, and if we went our separate ways, no one would survive in the cold, barren new world.


In order to settle the disputes accumulated by this group of immigrants during the voyage, and to prepare for the establishment of new colonies and possible self-government on shore. When the May Flower docked at Cape Cod on November 11, 1620, these men, who had endured many hardships but wanted to be free, decided to sign a written agreement —— Mayflower Compact.


With the exception of a few temporary sailors and a few patient, the 41 adult men on board signed the agreement.




Mayflower Compact is the first important political document in the history of the United States, and had an important and far-reaching influence on the formulation of laws and institutions in the United States. World Almanac(1991)called it "the first written law of the United States," The famous document also known as "the birth certificate of the United States."


During the winter between 1620 and 1621, the colonists encountered unimaginable difficulties. While they were hungry and cold, the Indians brought them many necessities and taught them how to hunt, fish and plant. At the time of the harvest, they held a grand celebration, inviting the Indians to share their corn, pumpkin, Turkey and other delicacies. These recipes continue to be the main content of Thanksgiving dinner today.


When the 13 states of North America were united, the first President, George Washington, made Thanksgiving a national holiday, but each state decided its own time. It was not until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln established the fourth Thursday of November as a regular day of Thanksgiving.








Thanksgiving is modern

Gradually accepted by the world

Now Thanksgiving

Is to let the usual unsaid gratitude

There is a legitimate reason for this

On this day, be grateful for what you have to offer

Be brave enough to say "thank you"





On this warm day

Hangjia thanks for having you

Thank you,my friends

For your support

and accompany all the way



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