Following the successful hosting of the 2016 and 2017 World Aquatic Culture Carnival Canoeing Competition, on October 14, 2018, the 3rd World Expo Aquatic Carnival and the “Expo Cup” canoeing activities of “Yue Expo·Love Life” were also on schedule. to. The venue is located at the Children's School of Foreigners in Wellington, Shanghai, and is hosted by Shanghai Hangjia Yacht Co., Ltd.



The crowds of the event crowded, the water-inspired performance, the professional performance of the kayak and the sup skill show together to present a wonderful visual feast. China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lujiazui (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jutong Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Netcom Culture Technology Development Co., Ltd., etc. composed 27 teams and more than 300 players. Passionate enthusiasm, it is to bring the atmosphere to the climax.


As is known to all, the Expo area has a profound water culture accumulation. The waterfront line of the Huangpu River stretches for 9.5 kilometers, accounting for nearly half of the length of the Pudong Riverside coastline. At the same time, Chuanyang River, Bailianyu and Xiaohuangpu pass through it. The “13th Five-Year Plan” of Pudong New Area proposes that the Expo area should “build a world-class central public activity area”, build a modern service industry gathering belt along the Yangtze River, a high-end cultural industry development belt, and a world-class waterfront urban life belt.


The World Expo Aquatic Carnival and Kayak Contest is held to establish a cultural platform for regional enterprises, institutions and residents to share, with the characteristics of “Running and Zeze”, with a good business environment and careful attention. The service provides fertile ground for the company to take root in the Expo. Nowadays, the event has been held until the third session, and it has become a new business card for the new waterfront leisure sports culture in the Expo area.


Mr. Wu Hai, Director of the Expo Administration Bureau of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee said: "The World Expo was recognized by the world eight years ago. Eight years later, we should be pragmatic and innovative, and together create a better never-ending World Expo!"


The water leisure sports activity is an international, intimate and fashionable fashion. It promotes the development of water tourism and leisure culture, and also creates a new business card for the waterfront leisure sports culture in the national cultural highland of the Expo. .



It is reported that the pre-match training activities of each project were officially launched as early as September. The national team retired athletes as coaches, talk about the safety knowledge of water sports and ambulances, warm-up exercises, kayaking, SUP board correct operation skills, paddle skills, safely getting on and off the ship, and turning and accelerating, etc., guiding the team members and some citizens from the theory Go to practice to fully understand and participate in sports.


There are 3 projects in this kayak competition: rowing machine time trial, SUP skill competition and kayak single/double/team competition. In the end, China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the group, Shanghai Bank Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai Wellington Foreigner Children's School won the second and third prizes respectively. In the individual competition, the champions of SUP Skills, Kayak Singles, Kayak Doubles and Rowing Individual Time Trial were respectively awarded by China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wellington Foreigners Children's School, Shanghai Suhe Fitness Management Co., Ltd. The employees of the company and Qingshui Construction (China) Co., Ltd. were acquired.


Shanghai Hangjia Yacht & Hangjia Culture is committed to creating the most fashionable water sports characteristics of the leisure sports industry platform, with the ocean, rivers and lakes as the carrier, fully spread; competitive, entertainment, adventure and other forms of integration, innovation The combination of sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, water skiing and other fashion projects will allow more water leisure products and services to be accessible to the public, enabling more people to experience and get close to the water leisure culture.


Participating in sports and cultural activities can not only exercise the body, enhance physical fitness, but also honing the will and growing talents. It not only adds a new life style to the beautiful environment, enriches people's cultural and spiritual life, but also adds a beautiful landscape to urban life.


Hangjia Culture & Hangjia Yachts use its own advantages to launch professional, meticulous and rigorous water sports training courses, including kayaking, SUP pulp board, youth OP sailing training, yacht sailing and various water sports events; providing professional qualifications The corporate culture of certificate training and water sports experience will provide comprehensive and in-depth services for water sports enthusiasts and practitioners.



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