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At a Press Conference of Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on February 26, peng weiyong, deputy director of the Economic Department of the General Administration of sport, said that the epidemic had a great impact on the sports industry.


Affected by the COVID-19, almost all of China's competitive sports and domestic large-scale sports events have been suspended or postponed. Sports organization and management, competition performance, fitness and leisure, sports training, sports tourism, stadiums, sports media, even including the manufacturing and marketing of sporting goods, are all seriously affected.


For the developing sunrise industry——sports industry, the damage the COVID-19 caused it was comprehensive、depth and width.



On the other hand, the outbreak of the COVID-19 has made the public more aware of the importance of health.


As a virus, the COVID-19 has no specific drug under the current level of medical treatment, most of the current drugs can only "inhibit" the proliferation of the virus. Many of the people in the news who are cured and discharged are young people, showing that our body's immune system is the strongest defense and the best doctor against microbial diseases like viruses and bacteria.


Through this battle with the COVID-19, the public recognized the importance of the protection, build and enhancement of physical immunity, our health awareness were promoted.






Health is the most universal need of the people for a better life.


As early as October 2016, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issuedthe outline of healthy China 2030 plan, which set out five strategic tasks of "popularizing healthy life, optimizing health services, improving health security, building a healthy environment and developing healthy industries". Being suddenly hurt by the COVID-19, reflects the importance of improving the health quality of the people.


一、 积极开展国家体育消费城市试点工作。加快推动研制赛事活动的安保、自然资源开放等配套政策,推动协会实体化改革,释放更多体育资源。

二、 鼓励各地创新支持政策,包括加大政府采购力度,利用体育产业引导资金,安排专项帮扶资金等,比如上海近期出台了12项支持举措,包括赛事补贴、减免场馆租金等,非常“硬核”。

三、 鼓励企业创新发展,要利用大数据、云计算、人工智能、5G、区块链等新技术,培育数字体育、在线健身、线上培训等新业态。


According to the national fitness plan (2016-2020), by 2020, the number of people taking part in physical exercise will increase significantly, there will have 700 million people who take part in physical exercise once or more a week, and 435 million people who take part in physical exercise regularly. The total consumption of sports will reach 1.5 trillion yuan. Under the policy support, even if affected by the COVID-19, short-term development setbacks, will not change its good momentum forward.





The sudden outbreak made people realize the importance of health and being active.


Peng Weiyong also said that, the outbreak does bring opportunities, has given rise to a major focus in the sports industry—the integration of online and offline, this trend in sports training, fitness, leisure venues service is especially obvious, new modes such as online training and live fitness are developing rapidly.


17 years ago "SARS", for example, not only changed people's life style and living habits, let the public sports appeal and fitness enthusiasm unprecedented upsurge. After “SARS” people found that sports venues suddenly increased, sports equipment can be seen in their own community, go to the gym with a coach to plan training began to become fashionable.


It can be seen that the epidemic has reversely raised the national fitness awareness and promoted the change of the value concept of mass sports. People's enthusiasm to participate in sports is rising day by day, and they are more able to accept the sports consumption concept of "spending money to buy health". In their spare time, they developing "leisure exercise" and "physical investment".


Cities make life better and sports make cities more dynamic. The epidemic poses great challenges to the development of the sports industry, and also presents many new development opportunities. Hangjia believes in China and the chinses people will overcome the challenge! Hangjia is always ready to contribute to the national health. Let's look forward to the arrival of the new spring of sports industry!



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