Sailing, is a ship sail forward by natural wind , is after the boat, raft , an ancient water transportation, now has a history of more than 5,000 years. Its existence is a powerful witness for human beings to explore the unknown world and fight against nature.


After entering the modern, sailing, gradually evolved into a spirit of exploration of sports. Originating from Europe, modern sailing has become one of the most popular sports activities in the coastal countries and regions of the world, as well as an important part of sports and cultural exchanges among people of all countries.


The sailboat in modern sailing can be divided into keel boat, steady board boat, multi-body boat, ancient sailboat and sailboard. One of them is the stable plate boat, we often say small sailboat, its hull 2-6 meters, the hull is light, simple equipment, easy to manufacture, flexible driving. Olympic sailing events such as the Finnish class, laser class, 49 people are small sailing.


The picture below is the OP sailboat, a small sailing boat for teenagers


Sailing is a collection of sports, entertainment, viewing, adventure in one of the sports. It has a high ornamental, especially in loved by foreign countries people.


When many internationally renowned universities recruit students, the requirements for students in addition to grades, if there is to participate in sports such as sailing, rowing qualifications, one of the conditions for admission consideration. And learn sailing, canoeing and other skills, for the integration of foreign social circle, understanding foreign culture is also a great help.


Famous universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Tongji University and Beijing Qinghua University, as well as foreign universities such as Cambridge university, Oxford University, university of Melbourne, university of Amsterdam and Moscow state university all have sailing clubs and come to China to compete every year.


Sailing has been deeply integrated with higher education and leisure tourism, building a high-end international exchange platform.


The Olympic Games, the most important sport sailing event, is held every four years. There are strict limits on the number of boats that can compete, with each country allowing only one boat in each class, regardless of how many boats qualify.


America's Cup, founded in 1857, is held every four years and has lasted nearly 150 years. It is the most prestigious yacht race in the world. It costs tens of millions or even tens of millions of dollars to build competing vessels.


China Cup International Regatta , positioned as the only China in the china sailing field and an "international event", has become the most important sailing race in Asia after its successful entry into the international sailing league.

Q: 很多家长问什么年龄段可以学帆船?

Q: Many parents ask about age limit for learning to sail

A: 一般来讲 七岁以上就可以学帆船了。在船型选择上,航伽特此引进OP帆船(国内称乐观级帆船)非常适合青少年。并且国内大部分的青少年帆船赛采用这个船型。

A: Generally speaking, your child can learn sailing when they are over seven years old.In terms of ship type selection, Hanjia hereby introduces OP sailboat (called optimistic class sailboat in China), which is very suitable for teenagers. And most of the youth sailing competitions in China adopt this type of boat.


Q: Which type of boat is better for a family or a few friends to enjoy?


A: 为满足大家体验、拍照、新手驾驶的需求,航伽也特此引进了三体帆船。整船可载3~4人,非常适合家庭休闲和朋友聚会。

A: In order to meet the requirements of experience, photo taking and novice driving, Hanjia has introduced the trimaran. The whole boat can carry 3 to 4 people, which is very suitable for family leisure and friends gathering

Q: 不会游泳能玩么?

Q: Can we play without knowing how to swim?


A: In the movie Interstellar, the hero tells a colleague who fears space that "Many of the world's top sailers can't swim." The reality is that there are a small number of sailors who can't swim, because as long as they are on the board, they don't give themselves a chance to swim.


In Hangjia, a professional Water Sports Base, our certified instructors will also guide and accompany you in the following training course of OP sailing training camp. Not only can you learn the skills of sailing OP, but also you can gain the excellent qualities of active exploration, broadening your vision, broadening your mind and self-reliance.


Expo-Hangjia Water Sports Base,could provides professional adult training courses, youth training courses, parent-child training courses and after-school activities training courses. We also have the training and certification qualification of the American ACA kayak ii certificate. You are welcome to experience and register.


Expo-Hangjia Water Sports Base match the novel water sports such as sailboats, kayaks, SUPs sports events, driver training, water races, corporate formations, and multi-level events and experiences for families and individuals.



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